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Rugby brings immense pleasure and a sense of community to millions of people. But, occasionally, it brings tragedy instead – like many other sports. Though it happens very rarely, injuries can be serious and life-changing. Hearts and Balls aims to ensure that, in times of need, those connected with rugby are supported by the wider rugby community.

Since 1999 we’ve supported over 30 players and their families. This support has taken many forms – financial and non-financial, short-term and long-term. Click here to see what we do.

If you yourself have suffered a serious injury on the rugby field, or are suffering as a result of an injury to a loved one, we may be able to support you too. Go to Can We Help You? to find out more.

On the other hand, you may be able to support us. If you’d like to donate money, or join a fundraising event, go to Help Us. The News and Events section also has details of fundraising activities, both past and future.


Hearts and Balls has donated in the region of £200,000 to rugby players and their families since 1999. Through advice and advocacy, we also help them to raise money from other sources. Our recent funding includes:

* new wheelchairs for players with spinal injuries
* specialist mattresses for players with spinal injuries
* adapting the home and garden of a spinally-injured player
* car insurance for a specialist vehicle for a spinally-injured player
* an additional carer to accompany a spinally-injured player on holiday
* mortgage interest payments for the wife and young children of a player who died from a heart problem when playing rugby
* specialist IT equipment for a spinally-injured player returning to study
* legal costs of setting up a trust for an injured player.

We also work with national and international bodies and charities to help provide specialist vehicles and other equipment.

Our next goal is to develop plans and actions to help players with spinal or other catastrophic injuries to pursue education and development goals and to achieve gainful and fulfilling employment. We will do this in conjunction with other partners.


Hearts and Balls was conceived in 1999 when a player from the Lismore Rugby Club in Edinburgh suffered a serious spinal injury that left him paralysed. Having run a highly successful appeal, Lismore decided to widen its support to cover other players impacted by serious injury or illness. Thus, Hearts and Balls came into being, with the aim of ‘helping rugby help its own’. Since then, we’ve helped numerous players and families.

Apart from specially-targeted marketing assistance for events, no salaries are taken from Hearts and Balls’ funds. All directors give their time and expertise on a voluntary basis.


Malcolm Gillies

Introduction to come.

Liam McArthur

My rugby career was put out of its misery after only a handful of unremarkable performances for Kirkwall Grammar in Orkney in the 1980s. Accused of pushing in the lineouts and jumping in the scrums, I have no doubt that this was a mercy killing. However, my far more talented younger brother, Dug, was a keen rugby player. Tragically, he was left quadraplegic after a terrible rugby accident in 1996. As a Trustee of Dug's Trust Fund, I met John, Jeff and others involved in Struan Kerr Liddell's appeal and realised that such injuries were rare but sadly common enough. Hearts and Balls emerged from a belief in the need for more of a collective approach to supporting guys like Dug and Struan, financially but also emotionally.

Jeff Milliken

I played rugby until well past when I should have stopped, on the odd occassion I still turn up although many would query what game I am playing. I have been fortunate through work to live in Asia, Latin America and the UK and on each occasion rugby has been the bridge to great experiences, memories and friendships. On the way there has been the odd broken bone, 2 lost teeth and a few stitches (I was a slow scrum half ) but the ´trade off´ was personally worth it. On the very odd occassion that ´trade off´ is something a lot more significant. I played when Struan Kerr broke his neck. Hearts and Balls, does not change peoples lives, does not make it better, but we believe what we do in some small way helps some very courageous people.

John Evans

I have spent 35 years in rugby as a player and referee at (very) junior levels and have enjoyed almost every minute of it. In 1981 I suffered a neck injury in a scrum collapse in my first game at open-age group level. On two occasions when I have been unavailable to play the individual replacing me has suffered a serious neck injury- it is that which has driven me above anything else to be part of the Hearts and Balls team and to work to help those who suffer catastrophic injury. I believe that rugby is unique in its community and its ability to help its own puts it in a great position to assist injured players through financial, pastoral and spiritual support.

I am immensely proud to be involved with Hearts and Balls and hope that others will join us as we expand our work across the rugby communities and family.

Jim Littlefair

I was enormously fortunate to play at Stewart's Melville thru the late 70's and early 80's and to have played with some very fine players. Whether the Calder, Brewster, Morgan and Scott brothers say the same of having had to play with me is open to some conjecture.

My exposure to the plight of the catastrophically injured player and his family occurred when Jonny Mitchell, Captain of North Berwick suffered a serious spinal injury in the first scrum of the club's game at Hawick Linden. I am delighted to have been involved with Jonny's Trust Fund and now the wider causes that Hearts and Balls can assist.


We have developed relationships with several other partners including:

If you know of, or are involved with, any other organisations who might work with Hearts and Balls to help rugby help its own, please feel free to Contact Us.


Edinburgh school raises over £50,000

Great Run - Team Merchiston

The Bupa Great Run

Hundreds of pupils, teachers and parents from Edinburgh's Merchiston Castle School took part in the Great Edinburgh 10K Run on 3rd May, to raise funds for Hearts and Balls. Together, they raised a magnificent £52,500, the single largest charitable donation in the history of the race.

The idea to do the 10K came from Merchiston pupil Patrick Costello, after a serious injury to his friend and fellow Nick Watt. The feat of galvanising 170 pupils, 20 teachers and 50 parents to run the race was amazing. Hearts and Balls is immensely grateful to Patrick and to everyone who took part in the race, helped with organisation, and donated money.

Speaking about the Merchiston boys' commitment to Hearts and Balls, Willie Watt, Nick's father, said: "We see it as both a great sign of the friendship that his school friends feel for Nick and also a very practical source of funds and support to Hearts and Balls which looks after all of those who have been injured playing rugby, the game that they love."

Great Run - Mums on the runFollowing conversations with Willie Watt, the Hearts and Balls board will invest in patients' IT facilities at the Spinal Injuries Unit at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow. This provides spinal injuries services to the whole of Scotland, and is therefore central in the rehabilitation of spinally-injured rugby players.

We are also developing our strategy to support the education and career development of those impacted by catastrophic injury.

George Balta - Injured in Romania

Scottish players at every level are extremely fortunate that those who represent them at Murrayfield have secured appropriate sponsorship from Scottish Hydro to pay the premiums required for every player who laces up his or her boots and pulls on a strip to be insured to play rugby. Our clubs used to pay these premiums but this is an excellent use of sponsorship and also provides peace of mind to all involved.

This is not so in all rugby playing nations. Jim Littlefair has recently returned from Romania where George Balta (pictured left) the national U20 hooker was catastrophically injured some three years ago. He lives in a basement in Bucharest and requires to be carried up to street level before being able to go anywhere. He was not insured to play and has what could be considered a ‘pepper corn' disability allowance. He needs a new home with the basic facilities that Johnny, Dug, Ciaran, Nick, Eddie and the few others in Scotland have by right.

After the excellent match between Romania and Fiji which the visitors won by 28 - 18 a dinner took place with the key note speakers being the 1987 world cup final props Jean-Pierre Garuet and Steve McDowell! Jim was hugely impressed by the organisation of the rugby community as all food, copious booze and facilities had been donated making the takings profit! A fantastic effort from all involved and after the dinner they had raised another 14,500 euro to go towards the new home for Georgy. Hearts and Balls has committed 15,000 euro and the fund raising group is now approximately 10,000 short of their target to complete. Georgy should be in his new home for Christmas.

Hearts and Balls is keen to lobby the IRB to find out what can be done to ensure that players in the less developed areas of this world are properly insured to play the game. It is vital that there is enough cash for those who need to make changes in their basic needs such as care packages and suitable accommodation.



Royal High Corstorphine Under 17's win Glasgow District League

Due to a lack of local opposition, Royal High Corstorphine Under 17’s joined and then won the GLASGOW district league and recently they had a fun day and played the club’s Golden Oldies.  Here is a group photo of both squads with a get well soon Fergie (mispelt) message.  Graeme Ferguson a 44 year old of RHC who had a stroke after working out in the gym, has been in Astley Ainslie for last 3 months.  After the match they held a raffle and raised a smashing £306!  Thanks guys and good luck in the Colts league next season!








Not to be out done, after attending the fun day at RHC, Hector McIntosh (age 8) who lives locally decided to make some fairy cakes and pick some of his Mum's flowers to sell in aid of Hearts and Balls.  He raised £12! Here he is proudly wearing his Hearts and Balls t-shirt.  Thanks Hector and we look forward to seeing you turning out for the U 17 side ..

Carmarthen Couple Raise Money for Hearts and Balls!

Since Geraint Jones was diagnosed with cancer, he and his wife Liz have thrown themselves into running events and raising money for charities and in the last year have raised over £5,600!

We were absolutely delighted when they chose us for their August event and we have just received well over £500 which we will spend as wisely as we can to support disabled rugby players.

Pictured are Liz Jones and her good friend Elsie Davies, proudly wearing the famous pink shirts!

Glasgow Warriors Awards

After the enormously successful Glasgow Rugby Reunited party at the Fruit Market in Glasgow, there was some outstanding business for SRU President and Hearts and Balls Director Ian McLauchlan as he was required to attend the Glasgow Warriors base at Scotstoun to be presented with the Glasgow Rugby Legend Award for 2010.  As you can see Ritchie Gray made the award

John Barclay and Graeme Morrison were present to show off the trophies won by Scotland on their wonderfully sucessful  tour of Argentina in June. 


After being shown to be on the ‘short side' by Ritchie, Ian made sure that John and Graeme were sitting down!


Readers will be pleased to know that the Glasgow Warriors big boss Kenny Baillie has entered a Warriors team for the Hearts and Balls Quiz at Glasgow Accies on 1st September, come along and find out just how bright they are!

Martin Dixon and Istvan Balint are walking from Bucuresti to Brasov!

Between 25th September and 2nd October, Martin Dixon, native of Scarborough in England and editor of the Ex-Pat Life Magazine in Bucuresti and Istvan Balint (pictured) native of Miercurea Ciuc in Romania and general manager of the Gyopar Club Hotel & Conference Centre, will be walking from Bucuresti to Brasov to raise funds for the charity Asociatia Prietenii Rugbyului Romanesc (APRR) / Friends of Romanian Rugby (FoRR).

APRR / FoRR has strong links with Hearts and Balls and as readers may know we made a 15,000 euro contribution to the labour costs of finishing the house for George and his family.

APRR / FoRR is a registered Romanian Charity founded in 2006 to support injured people from the sports' world, in particular rugby players. The charity was formed when George Balta, a young Romanian rugby player, sustained a serious spinal injury while playing rugby and was tragically left paralyzed from the chest down. Since then the charity, helped by many companies, the Romanian Rugby Federation, the Romanian Olympic Committee and individuals too many to mention, have financially and spiritually helped George and his family through this extremely difficult period in their lives. The piece de resistance of these efforts came to fruition early this year when George and his family moved out of their tiny basement flat into a purpose built house funded by APRR/FoRR and friends. In a further quite unbelievable tragedy George's brother florin, who had been employed by the Romanian Rugby Federation as George's personal helper, collapsed and died of a heart attack last year, one day short of his 26th birthday. Sadly Florin wasn't there to see George move into his new house and also start his new job in the IT Department of Orange Romania. With George reasonably settled we recently had another tragic incident on the rugby field - Alex Gradinaru. Sadly Alex passed away before leaving hospital and getting into a rehabilitation programme.

The walk is going to take place over 4 stages and will start from the Dubliner Irish Pub in Bucuresti and end in Dean's Irish Pub in Brasov - a grand total of 168 kilometres!

Wednesday 22nd September. Day 1 - Bucuresti to Ploiesti.
Thursday 23rd September. Day 2 - Ploiesti to Sinaia.
Friday 24th September. Day 3 - Sinaia to Predeal.
Saturday 25th September. Day 4 - Predeal to Brasov.

We don't know when the next tragedy like George will happen, hopefully never, but, just in case, come along and support this event - especially you rugby players out there. Help us raise the funds to be able to provide assistance to more injured rugby players in Romania. Sponsor the walk, sponsor a stage, you celebrities out there come and join us. Let's make it an annual event - something Romania can be proud of.

If you wish to support this superb effort, please donate through the Just Giving Button and reference your donation 'Romania' and we will ensure that your cash goes to help there.


Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow

Rhona McLeod joined in the fun - lifted by Nick Campbell and Rob Harley for ‘lineout' during the Hearts and Balls event on Friday 10th June at the Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow.

The event was a huge success in year two. The John Beattie Band were sensational and fairly livened things up when 2 Brazilian dancers came on stage for the final 2 songs on the playlist.

Big Vern ‘n' The Shootahs were next up until midnight providing their usual high tempo dance music.

Glasgow Warriors and Scotland players attended the event which had an appreciative 650 in attendance. The players led by Scotland Captain Al Kellock all embraced the occasion with lustre and fun and looked ‘a treat' with the pink envelope raffle buckets! Many thanks toRichie Gray, Rob Harley, Johnnie Beattie Graeme Morrison, Ruaridh Jackson, Moray Low, Calum Forrester and Nick Campbell.

Awards were distributed to Glasgow Player of the Year as voted by organising Committee ‘Glasgow Rugby Friends United' to Warrior of the Year - Richie Gray, Young Player - Rob Harley,
Rugby Legend Sandy Carmichael MBE and Jim Taylor Spirit of Scottish rugby award to Scott Inglis - Glasgow Hawks Coach - who has contributed everything to the sport of rugby for decades.

The Partnership between Hearts and Balls and Glasgow Warriors very strong with support and commitment to an evening, despite the party atmosphere, to raise awareness of rugby helping its own rugby injured.

It was a very moving evening when both David Azhar were interviewed by John Beattie and indeed when Connor Docherty broke off his West Highland Way Walk to come and support the event.

With funds still being processed it looks like a profit of around £16,000 pounds will be achieved.

Many thanks to main sponsors Argyle Consultancy, McCrae Financial Services and Helping Hands Associates Charity for huge donations with the latter two ensuring that David's new wheelchair purchase price was met in full.

This year Hearts and Balls Charitable Trust, after last year's successful event, have sanctioned that the funds raised will remain in Glasgow and indeed be invested in Ciaran Pryce, Connor Docherty, Nick Watt and David Azhar. Four young, seriously injured rugby players. This tangible investment will be utilised toward ongoing education fees, mobility, independence and future employment. Ciaran, Connor and Nick currently attend University with a view to forging successful careers and fulfilling their potential. David has completed University but requires a new wheelchair after his ‘old' one did not pass annual MOT! .
In addition we will be using some of the resource to provide an ongoing advocacy service for those who are beneficiaries of the charity.

You can still donate to www.justgiving.com/jim-taylor2011-glasgow If you wish to help.


Report: Questions in Sport

Amaretto Caffe Bar situated on 60 Main Street, Bridge of Weir was the ideal location  for inaugural Questions in Sport night on Thursday 11th August.
Amaretto owner and proprietor Carlo Di Ciacca provided a fantastic hog roast prior to proceedings for audience and teams participating.
Carlo is a fantastic supporter of the Hearts and Balls Charitable Trust through his links with West of Scotland RFC, Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Gunners where he completed his professional career.
Alison Walker hosted the event as MC with two teams of high sporting personnel vying for the chocolate badges of honour!
Charlie of Cairn Events deserves much credit for a professional setting including a variety of screens and sound systems to ensure the packed house in audience enjoyed ‘the banter’ and could be involved as much as possible.
Team One – led by Scotland Rugby Captain Al Kellock consisted of Steven Thompson, Striker with local Club St. Mirren ( ex Burnley, Rangers and Dundee United) and Logan Gray twice winner of Curling Junior bronze medal at the Junior World Championships.
Team Two – was Captained by Colin Gregor – Scotland Rugby 7’s captain and Professional rugby player with Glasgow Warriors, Calum Forrester – Glasgow Warriors rugby player and capped at age level for Scotland throughout career and last but not least Rhona Martin Olympic Gold Medallist from the Winter Olympic Games in 2002 when she skipped Team GB to victory at curling in Salt Lake City.
Team Kellock led into the break when the audience were further treated to more food – hot pasta dishes, salad and foccacia – to soak up the ‘devil’ drink!  Team Gregor seemed re-vitalised or re-fuelled and stormed from the rear to eventually take the title by a point.
During the interval the audience participated in their own 25 Question Challenge with winners coming from Team Berry’s table – the malt whisky well received.
Glasgow Warriors CEO Kenny Baillie had kindly donated a signed Warriors shirt and Mar Hall donated a Fourball on their recently opened course.
Both items attracted much vibrant bidding and in conjunction with the raffle the coffers were swollen by £660.00
Many thanks to Carlo Di Ciacca for his unstinting support to Hearts and Balls, Cairn Events,  Glasgow Warriors Management and Players and indeed Alison Walker, the Contestants and not to forget an appreciative, well informed audience.

Rugby and Golf day

Wednesday 14th September saw the Glasgow Warriors inaugural rugby/golf day hosted at the picturesque Earl of Mar Golf Course.

This Corporate event commenced at 8am with fabulous bacon/sausage and egg breakfast rolls served in time for the Scotland v. Georgia Rugby World Cup match in Invercargill, New Zealand.

The Morton Suite was awash with saltires and everyone settled down in front of majestic screens and sound system to view a bruising battle in
Torrid weather conditions.

After registration the teams adorned their golf gear, minus waterproofs,
Incredible after the monsoon conditions and gales experienced over the previous few days. The course was in beautiful condition and the 14 teams enjoyed gusty but warm, sunny conditions to compete in.

A fabulous Toyota IQ car was the enviable prize for a hole in one at the 10th - sponsored by Arnold Clark - sadly nobody got within 12 feet. It would have been a fantastic experience to witness - maybe next year.

After the Texas Scramble format the teams enjoyed a liquid refreshment followed by a sumptuous lunch? Around 4pm before departing homeward.

The prize giving was good humoured and the ‘feelgood' factor was enjoyed by all. Not everyone a winner but the majority left with vouchers, paintings, framed shirts or golf balls with The David Lloyd team victorious by 0.7 of a margin over Canterbury.

Hearts and Balls are one of the selected Charities whom Glasgow Warriors have elected to support this Season and a substantial sum was raised.

The event was assisted in promotion by Hearts and Balls who are eternally grateful for the ‘partnership' with Glasgow Warriors.

Roll on next year for great golf, camaraderie, the popular half way house and spectacular scenary.

Download the scoresheet here

A Musical Tribute

A COMPOSER has produced a CD of bagpipe music in aid of New Zealand earthquake victims - which was taken to the country by Scotland's Rugby World Cup squad.

Donald Glass from Boquhan, near Balfron, also produced a framed manuscript to go with his CD and produced two copies of the works.

One was auctioned at a black-tie dinner at the Radisson, Glasgow to mark the send-off of the Scottish squad, raising £1,800 of the total amount, and the other copy was presented to the deputy major of Christchurch Ngaire Button by the SRU president Ian McLauchlan.

Christchurch was devastated when a quake hit in February, killing 181 people.

The send-off dinner at the end of August was organised by Hearts and Balls, a charity which helps severely injured rugby players.

Mr Glass, the owner of The Scottish Bagpipe Composition Company, said: "I met Ian through a mutual friend and we got talking about raising money as he is heavily involved in fundraising for the Hearts and Balls charity. We thought it would be a fitting tribute as the Scottish Rugby Squad played one of their first games in Christchurch."

The composer added: "I suggested I could produce something for the occasion and that Ian could present a signed copy of the manuscript and the CD to the people of Christchurch.

"Ian said it would be an honour to make the presentation as a way of honouring all those who died in the earthquake."

Although Mr Glass was born in Glasgow he has Hebridean roots and celtic music has been a constant in his life. When he was 18 he attended the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association and qualified as a piping instructor.

Mr Glass was invited to join Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities Officers' Training Corps Pipes and Drums. A year later he was appointed Pipe Major of the Corps and led the Universities' Pipes and Drums to win the World Pipe Band Championships in their grade. It was during this time that he began to write music.

Since then he has been commissioned to write music for many private and ceremonial occasions, including Succour Those In Need commissioned by The Benevolent Society of the Licensed Trade of Scotland, The Maltmen March for the Incorporation of Maltmen in Glasgow and Angus Meldrum of Wellpark for the retiring managing director of Tennent Caledonian Breweries.


(Article originally appeared on the Milngavie & Bearsden Herald)

Hearts & Balls partner with Glasgow Warriors

Glasgow Warriors are proud to today confirm Hearts and Balls as one of three deserving causes the club will support as official charity partners over the next two seasons. The charity, whose mission is to "help rugby help its own", will use player appearances to promote and enhance events, and will also have the opportunity to fundraise directly at one of the club’s Heineken Cup home games and via the Glasgow Warriors website.

A Question in Sport night has already taken place, at Amaretto caffe bar run by former Warriors and Edinburgh player Carlo Di Ciacca in Bridge of Weir. Glasgow stars Calum Forrester, Colin Gregor and Al Kellock were among the competitors, with some £1150 being raised.

A joint Hearts and Balls/Glasgow Warriors golf day has also been staged at the stunning Earl of Mar Golf Course, with Warriors players, staff and sponsors coming together to raise £625 for the cause via a raffle at the 19th hole.

The Mar Hall outing came hard on the heels of the hugely successful “Glasgow Rugby Friends United” event at the city’s Old Fruitmarket venue back in June, where an audience of more than 650, including many Warriors and Scotland players, pooled an incredible £16,000.

So well received was the night that a repeat performance has already been scheduled for Friday 15 June 2012 with tickets available via www.heartsandballs.co.uk.

Hearts and Balls was conceived in 1999 when Struan Kerr-Liddell from the Lismore Rugby Club in Edinburgh suffered a serious spinal injury that left him paralysed. Since then the charity has grown in experience and is widely recognised throughout the UK as a specialist in its field.

Hearts and Balls delivers pastoral and financial support to players and families who have been impacted by catastrophic injury, terminal illness and bereavement.

Key to their strategy has been assisting those who have been impacted by serious injury to pursue education and development and to achieve gainful and worthwhile employment in line with their own goals and ambitions.

The Charity continues to support many high profile cases, the list including names such as David Azhar, Jonny Mitchell, Eddie Renwick, Dug McArthur, Ciaran Pryce and Nick Watt. Since Hearts and Balls came into being, a sum in excess of £500,00 has been raised to assist disabled players, those with terminal illness and to further safety in the game.  It works closely with the rugby authorities and the medical fraternity and is a supporter of Scottish Rugby’s Are You Ready to Play Rugby? campaign.

Glasgow Warriors chief executive Kenny Baillie today welcomed the new partnership, telling www.glasgowwarriors.org: "It’s a real honour for the club to be associated with a charity who do such fantastic work and carry such a prestigious reputation.

"All of us who work in rugby are hugely privileged to do so, and we have a responsibility to look after those whose who suffer misfortune in the game and face huge challenges as a result.

"Every year, Glasgow Warriors receive many requests for assistance from charities. All of them are extremely worthy, but we feel the most effective way of helping is to focus our energies and resources on three specially selected causes that have meaning and resonance for the club.

"Hearts and Balls is a prime example of such a cause. We look forward to building our partnership with them, and to announcing two more charity partners in the coming weeks."

Jim Taylor, the West Ambassador for Hearts and Balls who himself suffered a broken neck playing for Kelvinside Academicals in 1978, has recently joined the Warriors as a player liaison officer tasked with managing the club’s programme of community visits.

To launch the partnership, Taylor today joined forces with David Azhar, the former Whitecraigs player who also suffered a broken neck in 2001 and recently benefited from support from Hearts and Balls to help secure an advanced wheelchair.

Also present at Scotstoun Stadium, the Warriors' training and future playing base, was John Beattie, the former Scotland and British and Irish Lions favourite who is now a prominent broadcaster and a director of Hearts and Balls.

Taylor said: "I'm delighted to be involved with the club, and thrilled they have chosen to back Hearts and Balls in this way. Glasgow Warriors have a proud history of lending support to events that Hearts and Balls have organised, and the relationship will go from strength to strength under this more formal tie-up."

David Azhar enthused: "It's great that Glasgow Warriors and Hearts and Balls have come together. I know from personal experience that the support Hearts and Balls give injured players is incredibly valuable, and it’s fantastic that the club have committed to helping them deliver it."

Jim Littlefair, Chairman of Hearts and Balls, also welcomed the partnership, saying: "I'd like to thank Kenny Baillie and Glasgow Warriors for considering Hearts and Balls as a suitable charity to work with. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial arrangement, and believe the partnership will also benefit the Warriors, helping to consolidate their position at the forefront of sport in Glasgow."

Donate to H&B this Christmas!

If you're in the Glasgow area, you can donate to Hearts and Balls when you buy a Christmas tree from Jake Love who will donate £5 for every tree sold to a customer who mentions H&B when ordering.

The trees are Fraser Fir and, as a guide price, a 6ft tree delivered in G11, 12, 13 & 61 will cost £45.

Larger trees are also available and collection can be arranged if you prefer.

All that is required is a £20 deposit and contact/delivery details when ordering - which you can do on 07702 712230 or jarslove@hotmail.com.


Blazing Paddles - Glasgow to Edinburgh by Canoe

Blazing Paddles - Glasgow to Edinburgh by Canoe - 4th and 5th May 2012


Alastair Scott and John are both fine specimens of middle aged men and have decided to put themselves to the test by paddling a canoe from Maryhill (Warriors ground) at Firhill Stadium on 4th May at 10am to Murrayfield (Edinburgh's ground) arriving at 6pm on 5th May.

Funds will be split between Hearts and Balls and David Millar's work on spinal repair.


So please dig deep and donate now.

Helensburgh v Strathaven Lunch

Keith and Alistair Hart organised a fantastic lunch and sponsored the Helensburgh against Strathaven rugby match - a win for Helensburgh 27-3.

Jim Taylor was asked to do an informal speech on Hearts and Balls and their generous guests raised £350 for the H&B Charity in the raffle they had arranged.

A great day out and fantastic generosity!


Amaretto Ristorante and Pizzeria in Bridge of Weir - run by Carlo Di Ciacca.

Good luck to Colenzo, our Pizzaiolo, who is running the half marathon today to raise funds for Hearts & Balls.

Sunday 2nd September.

What support we receive from Amaretto - get yourselves down there.

Hyndland Wear Hearts on Sleeve

Our great new base at Scotstoun Stadium is already home to a rugby club, with Hyndland playing games on the IRB-approved 3G surface adjacent to the main pitch.
The links between the Warriors and Hyndland don’t stop there. The logo of one of our official charity partners, Hearts and Balls, now appears on the club’s playing jersey.
Hyndland took the decision to promote the charity that helps rugby help its own after it provided vital assistance to their player Ben Phillips who suffered a neck injury in the win over Bishopton back in March.
Ben and fellow Hyndland man Alex Mack today dropped into Scotstoun to show off the new playing kit alongside Warriors player liaison officer Jim Taylor, the west ambassador for Hearts and Balls, and Elite Development players Murray McConnell, Finn Russell, Callum Templeton, James Johnstone and Bruce Dick.

Band of Bikers

Band Of Bikers .... Charity cycle to raise money for Hearts and Balls, Scottish War Blinded and The Royal Regiment of Scotland wefare Support Service.

Our Adventure will be served on a quad tandem Bike. Taking us to each of the 10 rugby 7s tournaments in the 2013 kings of the sevens circuit, from Jedburgh to the 7s and home in the same day. Then on the penultimate sevens tournament at Selkirk we are leaving Jedburgh in the morning and arriving at Selkirk 7s and will not return back to Jedburgh for a full week until a lap of Scotland has been complete. We will be camping every night and have to cover over 100 miles every day to make it back for The Jed-Forest sevens the following Saturday. All this on a Quad Tandem with 2 props and a second row and our war veteran. All in the name of three good Charities.

For more information, visit the Band of Bikers page on Facebook



We'd like to say a big thank you to the following fundraisers for their support:

Max Stirling – Pedal for Scotland – 110 mile bike ride – Primrose Bank, Edinburgh – total so far £110.00 – www.justgiving.com/max-stirling

Sandra Chandler – In memory of David Ness – Monks Wood, North Shields – total so far £582.00 – www.justgiving.com/remember/29677/david-ness


Under 15s 5k

Lenzie Under 15 Rugby Youth Section defied the elements again on 2nd January, 2013 running 5k for their selected charity Hearts and Balls Charitable Trust - a rugby charity that ‘helps its own.'

This is the second year that the youngsters have supported this Charity. A Partnership Charity of Glasgow Warriors Professional Rugby Team.
The boys are stalwart supporters of Glasgow Warriors and join the crowd on a regular basis to roar on their favourites.
Despite being down on numbers this year due to a skiing trip arranged through the local school the boys embraced last year's challenge, took on horrendous weather conditions with wind and rain continuous and ran their hearts out for the Charity.
Greenbelt, a joint sponsor of Glasgow Warriors and indeed Hearts and Balls, kindly donated tee-shirts for the event.
Greenbelt specialise in land management and are keen to support community rugby events and Lenzie, with new floodlighting scheduled for installation were selected for support.
A fantastic bond has grown between Lenzie RFC, Glasgow Warriors and indeed Hearts and Balls Charitable Trust and now Greenbelt which shows that support and cross fertilisation of community rugby through to the Professional game certainly bears fruit for all and a real ‘feel good' factor has grown.
Thank you to all the boys and parents who took the time to run and organise a fantastic event again this year.

??1000 donation

Max McFarlane, employed at Edrington was the winner of this year's Edrington Achievement Award in the category of Charitable Support and Helping the Community.

Tireless enthusiasm and undaunted by anyone or anything and recognised by colleagues in winning this award.

Chose H&B for half = £1,000.

(PAST) JAN 28 - Annual Burns Supper - The Hilton Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen

Bill O' Fare

Champagne / Whisky Reception

Rib-Eye Steak
Raspberry Cranachan
Cheese and Coffee

Half Bottle of Wine per Person
One Liquor after Dinner








TICKETS FROM: JIM TAYLOR - 0141 942 0187 jim.h.taylor@ntworld.com 
OR: jim.littlefair@heartsandballs.org.uk


(PAST) FEB 12 - Is This The Best Post Scotland v Wales Event in Edinburgh?

Come and dance the night away to the John Beattie Band and enjoy what is probably the best post 6 Nations event in Edinburgh!  The Scotland players normally look in, maybe some of the Welsh players will come as well - it probably depends on who wins ...! 

£20 tickets are available from the Jam House - 0131 226 4380

VIP lounge and dinner tickets from Jim Taylor – 0141 942 0178 or Jim Littlefair 01620 892239



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You can email Jim Littlefair at jim.littlefair@heartsandballs.org.uk or call on 07976 126659.