Hearts and Balls offers a range of help to players and their families:

  • financial assistance
  • pastoral support
  • advice and advocacy
  • connections to organisations that could also help.

To apply for funding or other assistance from Hearts and Balls, simply email Please tell us your details, and the support you are seeking, and we will contact you to discuss your application.

If the problem is urgent, you can also contact us at: 07976 126659

“I am a young person with a complete spinal chord injury as a result of a rugby accident in 1996 in Australia. Hearts and Balls is far more than a charity to me. It is a group of caring human beings who fully understand the challenges that spinally-injured people face.

It would be easy for Hearts and Balls to overlook someone who sustained a rugby injury in Australia, but they cared enough about rugby and its players to make it their business. Its contribution to buying me a power wheelchair has been invaluable to me, my wife, and our young twin sons.”

Rocky Mileto (NSW, Australia)

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