Fundraising and Finance

Hearts & Balls is managed and administered solely by volunteers and does not employ any paid staff.

It runs its own events such as its flagship fundraiser “Hearts & Balls at The Hub" which takes place during the Six Nations Championship.

In addition we are delighted to work with other organisations to generate funds for Hearts & Balls and will provide merchandise, raffle items, and promotional items such as wristbands and badges.

Hearts & Balls will continue to build its profile through regular communication and input into events and programmes at schools, clubs and other organisations.

Hearts & Balls funds are managed in accordance with good governance utilising the skills and services of the trustees and those of its Independent Examiners.

The Charity will always have sufficient funds available to meet sudden requests for immediate assistance by an individual or family.

Support Strategy

The Hearts & Balls support strategy has two strands:


The offer of assistance, both immediate and long-term, to those who have been impacted by catastrophic injury. This can take the form of:

  • Property conversions
  • Equipment
  • Travel costs
  • Respite care
  • Legal costs
  • Counselling

This list is only an indication of the kind of assistance Hearts & Balls can provide; every injury is different as are the needs of every injured player.

The financial capacity of the Charity allows it to set a long-term strategy of supporting the education and career development of those impacted by catastrophic injury.

Assistance can take the form of the purchase of equipment or learning support, for example Hearts & Balls funded the upgrade of the Internet provision at Glasgow Southern Hospital's Spinal Injuries Unit.

Hearts & Balls can also provide bursaries, support packages or fund educational programmes for impacted players to enable them to gain new skills and progress in their chosen career.

Allied to this will be a drive by Hearts & Balls to encourage employers to provide opportunities for players who have been affected by catastrophic injury. Hearts & Balls will partner other organisations to ensure that employment and training opportunities are available and accessible to injured players.